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Instructions for Roof Scaffold Systems

Make sure each person reads and understands these instructions prior to use. Brunsen Pty Ltd assumes no liability in the event of inproper installation, product misuse, or failure of roof construction. DO NOT use if the SSS Scaffold System is damaged. These instructions must be kept with the SSS Scaffold System at ALL TIMES.

1) You must comply with all relevant state regulatory requirements at all times
2) Ensure you carry out a site analysis
3) Area below should be kept clear.
4) Keep work platform clear of debris
5) Drop saw and drop saw support should be securely fastened at all times
6) Do not stand on drop saw plank at any time
7) Do not overload maximum weight of 225kg
8) Ensure the roof will support the extra weight (if in doubt, check with an engineer)
9) Planks and Treads should be securely fastened.
10) Do not modify in any way, use genuine parts only
11) Do not over span tread and planks, refer to supplier’s manual
12) Do not store with chemicals
13) Scaffold and supports should be checked daily
14) Do not use damaged items
15) 14 Gauge Tek screw min 65mm long shall only be used
16) Never use standard roof screw
17) If in doubt ask

All care has been taken in the design and manufacture but Brunsen Pty Ltd or any employeers will not be responsible in the way this item is installed or used by any persons. It is up to you to comply with all relevant state requirements.

State requirements over ride these directions.

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