Important Note to the User/Installer

Carry out a risk assessment and check for potential hazards before erecting scaffold is compulsory.

Licensed scaffolders MUST be used to erect/dismantle scaffolds above 4 metres.

Always ensure you understand and can comply with the regulations that apply to the erection and use of scaffolding in the area that you intend using the equipment.

Access scaffolding (AUST) is designed for a maximum live loading of 2.2kN per bay for single width scaffold (700) wide) and 4.4kN per bay for double width scaffold (1300 wide).

Scaffold should be erected and used only on surfaces suitable for the purpose. Where scaffolds are built on soft, uneven or sloping ground they should be set on sole boards of suitable material to provide a firm foundation.


Lock brakes on castors and attach 2 horizontal braces (YELLOW) to inside standards (vertical component) above bottom transom (Horizontal component).


Lock brakes on castors of second base frame and attach horizontal Braces (Yellow) to INSIDE of Standards. Use Screw jacks to approximately level scaffold. Ensure tommy bars on castors are pushed to prevent injury. Always ensure you understand and can comply with the regulations that apply to the erection and use of scaffolding in the area that you intend using this equipment.


Attach plan brace (red) to diagonally opposite standards. The suggested position is above the cup nut, which is below the bottom transom or rung of the base frame. Plan bracing should be incorporated to keep square the base of the mobile scaffold may be fully decked out.


Install 4 diagonal braces (silver) inside frame from bottom transom to third transom up (2 spaces). These should be as close as practical towards the outside of the frame. Level scaffold in each direction using height adjustment screw jacks N.B 0.7m wide scaffold requires only 2 diagonal braces running in opposite directions.


Add upper frames 1.9 high, 1.4 high and 0.9 high as required, installing 4 diagonal braces per lift in 1.3 wide gear and 2 diagonal opposing braces per lift in 0.7m wide gear. Each Brace should be attached to the top transom of the frame below. For a scaffold that requires intermediate platforms to aid erection, clip horizontal braces as handrails while adding height. N.B. Mobile scaffold height must not exceed 3 X the smallest base size i.e.; 1.3 wide x 3.0 long must not exceed 3.9m high. For platform heights exceeding this formula, outrigger props must be used to increase stability.


When required Platform Height is reached, ensure 2 transom spaces extend beyond for hand rails. Install platforms. Attach 4 horizontal braces (yellow) to standards as hand rails and midrails. Install internal access ladders and toe boards ensuring ladder extends past platform level (min. 900mm). Please note that when horizontals are clipped to standards (vertical Component) they are designed for sideways deflection only and are not load supporting. Therefore do not step on these horizontals when climbing the scaffold. Do not stand on midrails and handrails.

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