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Guard Rail Systems


Rafter Guard Rail

Most suited to houses where the roof has a pitch of between 15 – 32 degrees.






Perimeter Guard Rail

To be used on steel framed buildings which have exposed purlins.






Deck Guard Rail

Designed for installation after the roof has been laid. Clamps attach to roof ribs.






Bolt on Clamp on Guard Rail

Provides additional option of erecting a guard rail to concrete parapets or brickwork.





Roof Guardrail

The function is to be able to slide one post at one time out of the way so that roof sheets can be moved or replaced, while leaving the guardrail system intact to provide protection to the roofer. This guardrail can be used when re-roofing or in a new roof installations where there is no eave overhang and block work up. To protect the finish of the roof material, PVC tape can be applied to the post base.

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