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Do I need to provide fall protection?

Falls are a leading cause of injury in the construction industry. Even from a relatively low height, a fall can cause death or injury.

Compliance Code “Prevention of falls in general construction” Edition 2. December 2019 WorkSafe Victoria – Download PDF

“Where there is a risk of a fall from a height of two metres or more, implement external fall protection in the form of physical edge protection (eg. guard railing or perimeter scaffolding).=

“External fall protection” 1 August 2011 –Download PDF


What do No Go Zones near power lines mean?

If a worksite is near overhead electrical powerlines, before erecting scaffold, you must follow the relevant No Go Zone safety procedures:

Energy Safe Victoria” Scaffolding near service lines” Last reviewed March 2020

Energy Safe Victoria” Scaffolding near overhead powerlines” Last reviewed March 2020

“WorkSafe Publication July 2004”
If any scaffolding to be erected near overhead powerlines or services lines; the scaffold may enter a “No Go Zone”. It is recommended that you contact the electricity supply company to arrange an inspection.

Guidelines for Scaffolding near Service Lines & Guidelines for Scaffolding near Overhead Powerlines

Reference: WorkSafe Victoria “No Go Zones for overhead electrical power lines – special provisions for scaffolds July 2004”

Energy Safe Victoria “No Go Zones”

New Regulations Working at Heights

Amendments WorkSafe Victoria Working at Heights

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